Heated Bathroom Rug


Heated Bathroom Rug

Heated Bathroom Rug - The toilet has come along way from the previous one hundred years. After just a simple tub set in front of the living room fire and filled with buckets of water, the bathing encounter is currently a luxury in virtually every western home. It was this tendency which lead into the mass production of toilet solutions.

The Edwardian and Victorian designs at the time are a popular choice today. They look beautiful at a villa or cottage bathroom, and never loose their charm in terms of design.

Today, due to advanced plumbing and modern technology, the toilet may well have evolved as far as it can. Together with luxury steam rooms and hydrotherapy baths, it's difficult to imagine how bathrooms could get any more sophisticated. Nevertheless, the toilet, like every space in the house, is changing in terms of design trends.

Here we take a look at the five most well-known styles of bathroom layouts.