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Taken from the album That's The Spirit, out now.

Available now in physical order from the Official Store // iTunes // Google Play // Amazon // Spotify

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My head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost.
I need to feel something cos' I'm still so far from home.
Cross your heart and hope to die, promise me you'll never leave my side.

Show me what I can't see when the spark in my eyes is gone.
You got me on my knees, I'm your one man cult.
Cross my heart and hope to die, promise you I'll never leave your side.

Cos' I'm telling you, you're all I need.
I promise you, you're all I see. I'll never leave.

So you can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand.
I will follow you, cos' I'm under your spell and you can throw me to the flames, I will follow you.

Come sink into me and let me breathe you in.
I'll be your gravity, you be my oxygen.
So dig two graves cos' when you die, I swear I'll be leaving by your side.
Best of Bring Me The Horizon
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